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Student Speed Dating Award presented to Giulia Marcello, University of Cagliari (Italy) for the paper “Evidence of proton diffusion in H+ irradiated DFB and VCSEL commercial laser diodes

ESREF 2015 Best Paper Awards:

  • Taizhi Liu, Chang-Chih Chen, Soonyoung Cha and Linda Milor from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) for the paper “System-level process-voltage-temperature variation-aware reliability simulator using an unified novel gate-delay model for BTI, HCI and GOBD” to be presented at IRPS 2016
  • Davide Bisi et al from the University of Padova (Italy) for the paper “Effects of buffer compensation strategies on the electrical performance and RF reliability of AlGaN/GaN HEMTsto be presented at IPFA 2016
  • Peter Jacob from EMPA (Switzerland) for the paper “Unusual defects generated by wafer sawing: an update, including pick & place processingto be presented at ISTFA 2016


ESREF 2015 Best Poster Award:

  • Kevin Melendez et al from CNES (France) for the paper “A way to implement the electro-optical technique to inertial MEMS


21 World-class Exhibitors!

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ESREF 2015, the 26th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis, will take place in Toulouse (France) from 5th to 9th October 2015.

This international symposium continues to focus on recent developments and future directions in Quality and Reliability Management of materials, devices and circuits for micro-, nano-, and optoelectronics. It provides a European forum for developing all aspects of reliability management and innovative analysis techniques for present and future electronic applications.

A word from the conference chairs

For this 26th year of ESREF conference we have a quite exciting program. For its first time in Toulouse - world center for aeronautics with Airbus assembly line, European capital of the space industry and number 1 in France for embedded electronic systems, in addition to the core topics of the conference, specific topics are dedicated to these applications involving severe environment and harsh reliability challenges.

The conference opening starts on Monday afternoon, October 5 with two keynote papers:

  • ChemCam instrument on the Curiosity rover: from R&D to operations on Mars ; be reliable or die… - Sylvestre MAURICE, IRAP (France)
  • Towards Hardware Cyber security - Ramesh KARRI, Polytechnic Institute of New York University (USA)

and will be followed by the opening of the exhibition and the IRPS, IPFA & ISTFA exchange best papers.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the conference is organized in three parallel tracks for the regular sessions with 9 invited speakers who are recognized experts in their field and a fourth track for workshops and tutorials. Check the detailed program of the tutorials and of the workshops. Friday morning, October 9, is only dedicated to workshops.


We are looking forward to welcoming you for a memorable experience!

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